What is a Cleansing Session?

In Zakti Consultancy, the most popular sessions are the Flower Bath (Mandi Bunga) and the House/Office Cleansing Session. Many people who have taken these sessions with us, have seen and experience many positive changes in their life and in their surrounding too. People just love taking these sessions with us; hence they come back to us on every periodically basis to cleanse themselves.

In this section, we are going to elaborate the benefits of these sessions and how useful would they be for us.

1. Flower Bath Session (Mandi Bunga)
Energised Flower Bath
Soul Cleansing Session (Flower Bath) is the most popular session among our people. It is prepared carefully selecting the best quality and high graded flowers and herbs for the bath. The energy, aroma and the healing qualities of the items found in the bath will help to clear the negative energies in one’s individual. Especially those who have been affected by negative energies badly; will be required to take a few flower bath sessions to completely heal, discharge and purify you with positive energies. We have 2 types of Flower Bath Session. One is the 3 day Basic Flower Bath Session and the other is the Special Flower Bath Session.

The 3 Day Basic Flower Bath Session is well recommended for everyone and who are affected by negative energies and have never taken any cleansing session with Zakti. It will help to clear and cleanse the negative energies away. This session will have to be taken for 3 day continuously back in their houseand they will be given instructions on how to take the flower bath properly, with their soul, heart, mind and concentration. During the 3 day Flower Bath Session, we normally advice people not to consume any beef, pork and alcohol during the period.

Till today's date, we have received many positive and motivating feedbacks of Zakti's Flower Bath.

The 1 day Special Flower Bath Session is specially prepared with Herbs which are specially bought from Kerala, India. This is prepared for those special cases, which requires additional healing, even after the 3 Day Basic Cleansing Session is taken. The Special Flower Bath Session will help to speed up the healing process and further increase the protection and benefits for the people. We have numerous types of formulas catering for the individual needs. Some of the examples would be Good Luck, Curse/Spell Breaker, Love Re-kindle, Protection and many others.

2. House Cleansing Session
House Cleansing Session
House Cleansing Session is the other most sought after cleansing session by many of our people too. This house cleansing session is one of the most unique sessions practiced by Zakti Consultancy only. The whole session will take about two to three hours to complete the procedure and it is done without burning an Agni Homam (Sacred Fire).

During the house cleansing session, we would draw Kollam in the centre of the house with bright coloured rice and carefully place the Oil Lamps around the Kollam. Pails of Theertha water (Holy Water) with various herbs and flowers will be readied to be splashed and to purify the whole space. Together with Master Sribala, everyone who is present for the house cleansing session will be encouraged to chant the mantras together during the session. With the continuous recitals of mantras and purify the space with the cleansing water clearing all the negative entities.

Master Seeking Divine Energy
Anyone who feels uncomfortable with some unusual presence or have been discovered with some negative energies in the house; will definitely require doing a house cleansing session as soon as possible. By doing the House Cleansing Session will help to clear all the negative energies found in the house and will provide full protection against them from re-entering. Moreover it also helps to restore back with more luck, wealth and protection for the house and the members of the family in the house.

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