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SUSUK (Charm Implants)

What is Susuk (Charm Implants)?
Susuk is something (for example diamond, precious stone or gold in the form of very small / fine) which has been through the process of high level ritual, then magically inserted into the body (near the eye brows, mouth, nose, breasts, hips and other parts of the body), with the intention of those parts of the body to attracting opposite sex, enhancing sex appeal, generating inner beauty and aura and most of all increasing the charm of the wearer. Most commonly, men are usually used for charisma, supernatural powers and martial arts and whereas women who want to look beautiful, attractive and sexually appealing would do the implants too and it is very popular despite the installation done in secret. The common susuk items used are gold needles and diamond particles. For example, susuk berlian (diamond implants) are supposed to provide a significant boost to one’s business or career; susuk emas (gold implants) will enhance one’s physical attractiveness and…