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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SUSUK (Charm Implants)

What is Susuk (Charm Implants)?

Susuk Diamond and Needles
Susuk is something (for example diamond, precious stone or gold in the form of very small / fine) which has been through the process of high level ritual, then magically inserted into the body (near the eye brows, mouth, nose, breasts, hips and other parts of the body), with the intention of those parts of the body to attracting opposite sex, enhancing sex appeal, generating inner beauty and aura and most of all increasing the charm of the wearer. Most commonly, men are usually used for charisma, supernatural powers and martial arts and whereas women who want to look beautiful, attractive and sexually appealing would do the implants too and it is very popular despite the installation done in secret.
The common susuk items used are gold needles and diamond particles. For example, susuk berlian (diamond implants) are supposed to provide a significant boost to one’s business or career; susuk emas (gold implants) will enhance one’s physical attractiveness and are meant to be talismans to ward off bad karma or energy.

There are various taboos and restrictions which susuk wearers are advised to follow to, in order for the charm to work. For instance, right after having the procedure done, wearers are not supposed to scratch their faces, eat bamboo shoots or chicken, banana (pisang emas) or pass under clotheslines and stairs for several days. After instensive research , Master found these restrictions were just creating speculations and infact there is no such restrictions at all.

Master Sribala’s advise
Nowadays many people are aware and are coming forward to have Susuk implants. Most of the customers are interested for Susuk Emas and Susuk Berlian. According to Master Sribala these charms can indeed increase one’s attractiveness and there is a definite spiritual and psychological link involved in the process. It works in such a way, the susuk wearer automatically locks her mind and faith to believe she has been transformed. Thus she is generating positive energy within her and when she strides out looking more confident and of course, she will appear more attractive to others.

Many people have approached and have done susuk implants with Master Sribala. People mainly come to him for two main reasons, one is to increase sex appeal and charm and the other to increase charm and luck in business. To proceed with the susuk implantation, Master Sribala will first have to ensure how much the wearer is psychically and mentally prepared to accept susuk. Therefore it is important that their mind should be clear and they must be completely relaxed. There should be nothing in their mind but only faith and concentration. It is a common practice; the wearer has to follow the advice and counseling given by the practioner and this has to be maintained even after he has been implanted with the susuk.

According to Master Sribala, he has developed his own methods to do a susuk implant for a person and ensures the susuk and the wearer was given the highest spiritual respect in order for the process to be accomplished successfully. For some cases, the wearer would have to go through a three flower bath session to clear away the negative energies and then later the ritual is ready for susuk implant and normally it is done very confidentially with customer.

Energised Susuk
When a susuk is implanted under the skin, it usually starts to work in about three days. There is no physical change in the wearer but the wearer’s aura becomes much brighter. Usually more than one susuk is applied at one time; for most common instances three to four susuk are inserted at one time; for example each eyebrow, one in forehead and one in chin/lips.

It has been proven , Susuk Implant done by Master Sribala has tremendously improved their charisma, their business has increase, confidence were boosted, couples have became more intimate and many other remarkable changes.

If, you are interested...
Having Susuk is something extra ordinary but the results are remarkable and unexpected too. If you wish to discuss further about your interest of having Susuk from Master Sribala, please call (+65) 6650-8229 to arrange your private appointment. Counselling is free and the charges on susuk vary according to the number of implants and purposes intended.


  1. I visit your blog today it's very informative i appreciate your work

  2. Hi, can i know e price range of the susuk?

  3. Does susuk hv side effects? And how much is the price of the susuk?


God's Miracles...I Believe in it!

Vermillion Kukum Forming on Shrdi Sai Baba Picture

Taken on November 2011

What is a Miracle?

What is a miracle? It is when the impossible happens.

It’s when a child is born and you can’t believe how delicately miniature this new life appears.

It’s when you’ve prayed for a specific purpose and that prayer is answered.

It’s when there is no earthly reason something wonderful has happened.

Miracles take place every day. Sometimes they’re very subtle and quiet, sweeping in like a touch on the face. Other times, it’s very evident and public. It doesn’t matter who you are, miracles can happen to anyone.

Why do miracles take place? It may be that God wants your attention!

I have seen many miracles in my life. But for the 1st time, I saw God’s Miracle and I saw it with my own eyes in my friend’s house. It was amazing, awesome and heavenly and for a second I felt so fortunate to be alive.

Dark Red Kukum Forming on Sri Amman Statue

Taken in April 2011

God is omniscient by which He fills the universe in all its parts and is present everywhere at once. Not a part, but the whole of God is present in every place. But many of us fail to realise this and we have taken many situations and opportunities for granted. And when a miracle happens in life, we fail to share appreciation and gratitude.

This miracle which I am going to share is not something “new” to my friend and in fact it had started a few years ago, when he discovered sweet smelling ghee was coming out from Shridi Sai Baba photo. At first he thought it was some kind of a liquid that was discharging from the wall behind the picture but when he followed the trail of ghee carefully; he was astonished to see where it came from. A Miracle which started a few years ago and till today it leaves him with amazement and clueless.

Lord Kaliamma with Manjal Powder

The most recent and interesting miracles took place this year in his house again. This time, kumkum was resurfacing from Sri Kaliamman Gold Plated Statue in his altar. This statue belonged to one of his friend and his family decided to be the caretaker of the statue while the friend was away on a business trip. Just within after few days the statue arrived to the house; dark red powder being to appear on the surface of the statue. It started a bit powdering on the feet and the arms and gradually it accumulated into a heap of kumkum almost covering the whole statue. It was awesome and magnificent. When I saw the image in my email, I was almost into tears to realise the miracle.

After a few months from the last miracle, a similar phenomenon reappeared but this time on Lord Siva statue with holy ash. The most astounding part in the miracle was the holy ash. It was unlike any other “Vibhuti, instead it was blue, fragrant and had fine texture. My friend invited me over to his house to see the miracle. When I went over the house, I could smell the whole house filled with the scent of Vibhuti” and incense. The energy in the house was extremely high. As I went to the altar, I paid my respect and took the Holy ash from the Lord Siva statue, it was very vibrating. I could feel energy current passing through my body and engulfing my mind with devotion and divine. For a few seconds I thought I touched Lord Siva’s feet in real!

Keeping Faith!

Many people who came to know about the Miracles visited his house to witness it but disappointingly almost 70% who came left the house with some sceptical views. They fail to accept the Miracle of God with appreciation and gratitude. Instead they were determining if the miracle was omnipotent (powerful).

Lors Shiva with Blue Coloured Vibhuti

God reveals himself to remind us of his presence and the faith but actual fact he is revealing himself daily through his creations and resides in every human.

When we send out prayer, we cry to Lord for solution and renewal. Sometimes due to emotional breakdown, we even cry and demand him to show his presence. But when that miracle happens; why do you have to critic or complain about it?

"Some people complain because God put thorns on roses. Others praise Him for putting roses among thorns." - Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

If you ask me, Gratitude and appreciation are the key words for a better life. They are the spell that is cast to dissolve hatred, hurt and sadness, the medicine which heals subjective states of mind, restoring self-respect, confidence and security. Man has to realise God and Divine Energy is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. They can be anywhere, with all powers and knowledge in any forms. When a Man realises it and practices Gratitude and appreciation this his life and faith, he will see the wonders and experiences the renewal and purification of spirit.

I have learnt my path of faith and spiritual purification. Have you?

Om NamaShivaya!

Master Sribala

Alternative energy from The New Paper (17/04/2011)

Alternative energy from The New Paper (17/04/2011)

Mandi Bunga - Zakti Consultancy

What is a Flower Bath?

Flower bath (Mandi Bunga) is famously known by the Asians. In India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, people practices them as a ritual for beauty, good future, dispel bad luck and to cleanse the soul, mind and body. In Singapore, the “healers” provides the most comprehensive range of Mandi Bunga, which is done very professionally and ethically for each individual.

Typically when one is feeling unwell, being spiritually affected, facing adversity or misfortunes, or even when one is need for better luck, flower bath is one of the options to restore their good prosperity.

When it comes to Flower Bath, various types of flowers, leaves and herbs are used. The ingredients and the healing energy ignited by a “Healer” to the bath are believed to have the ability to chase away evil and to banish bad fortunes. Most amazing of all, the flower bath has the capacity to enhance a person’s beauty, aura and provides an overall protection against negative energies.

Flower bath can be now enjoyed without having to think about tradition and ritual, and it is done not only to enhance one's beauty but to receive the maximum benefits of protection and good luck within.

For some people it has been proven Flower Bath to be the most blissful rituals as many of them have felt the intense of positive energy during the flower bath. Therefore it has always been advice to customers not to try or prepare their own Flower Bath and as the positive energy might get crossed or gets discharge while in preparation.

To know more information on flower bath session and its benefits, call Zakti Consultancy at (65)
6650-8229or email