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How do you know if spirits are residing in your home?

Feeling depressed lately? Is there a regular cycle of arguing in your home or work place? Is there an unseen tension among the family? Are you stuck in a problem? Are your children acting out? Do you feel unmotivated? Frustrated? Are you feeling haunted by old memories that just won’t go away? Angry and just not sure what to do with it or why? If you said yes to any of these things, then its time to do House Cleansing!

Even in the most positive of homes, negative energy can gather. There are so many ways in which negative energy gathers or is generated in your house. A house with negative emotional energy attracts negative spirits. And those negative spirits can continue to reside in a home and can continue to cause harm. Negative spirits generate negative emotional energy. For example, when you go into a home where there has been domestic violence, we can feel a whole lot of dense energy there and this is a very common feeling. Whatever the reasons, negative energy gathers over…