Flower Bath Ritual

Flower Bath is the most popular session among our clients and it’s highly recommended for 1st time clients. It is prepared carefully selecting the best quality and high graded flowers and herbs for the bath. The energy, aroma and the healing qualities of the items found in the bath will help to clear the negative energies in one’s individual. Especially those who have been affected by negative energies badly; will be required to take a few flower bath sessions to completely heal, discharge and purify you with positive energies.
Media Opening Speech by Master Sribala

Introduction To Flower Bath By Master Sribala

Preparation of Flower Bath By Master Sribala

Flower Bath Explanation by Master Sribala in Tamil

Flower Bath Explanation By Master Sribala in English

How To Take Flower Bath  

House Cleansing Ritual

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with any unusual “presence” or have been discovered with some negative energy will definitely require a house cleansing session as soon as possible. The House Cleansing Session will help to clear all the negative energies found in the house and will provide full protection against them from re-entering. Most importantly it gives the house and its occupants with more luck, wealth and protection!

House Cleansing Session by Master Sribala in Tamil

House Cleansing Explanation By Master Sribala in English

House Cleansing Preformed By Master Sribala

House Cleansing Preparation

House Cleansing Ritual Prepared By Master Sribala

Negative and Positive Energy

We have come across the words “negative energy” and “positive energy” in spiritual healing. But what is ENERGY?

Energy is the aura around each of us. They could be in different types, colours or shapes and only some people have the capabilities to see them. Your Healer, Master Sribala is able to see the aura of every individual without the use of any devices. Thus he is able to identify the type of aura that surrounds us, especially if it is a negative or positive energy!

Part 1 : What is Negative Energy by Master Sribala

Part 2 : What is Negative Energy by Master Sribala

A Person Affected By Negative Energy

Soul Cleansing Ritual 

Removing Negative Energy Ritual

Explanation about Healing Energy by Master Sribala

Amulets/ Yantras
The wearing of protective amulets, triggers and empowers their mind, raising their mental strengths and increasing power through positive thinking. Others who believe in the more extreme power of amulets say it give's you the power to control your fate and actions. By correctly using these amulets through chants, flower baths and cleansing, it becomes more energised.

Be protected and increase your luck with special amulets made by Master Sribala. It works wonders and many clients feel the strong positive energy of the amulet working with them!

Amulets And Its Benefits By Master Sribala in Tamil

Protection Amulet for Home and Office By Master Sribala

Attraction Oil

Attraction Oil is often hand blended according to traditional methods dating back centuries. These oils are used to concentrate the powers of herbs, flowers, trees and roots, which stimulate the energy sense to manifest change.

Attraction Oil Explanation By Master Sribala in Tamil

Vashiyam Mai

Attraction Oil is often hand blended according to traditional methods dating back centuries. These oils are used to concentrate the powers of herbs, flowers, trees and roots, which stimulate the energy sense to manifest change.
Vashiyam Mai Explanation By Master Sribala in Tamil


Susuk (very tiny diamond, precious stone or very small and fine gold needle) is something which has been through the process of high level rituals, then inserted in the body (near the eye brows, mouth, nose, hips and other parts of the body), with the intention to attract the opposite sex, generate inner beauty and aura and most of all increasing the charisma of the wearer. Most commonly, men use susuk for charisma, supernatural powers and martial arts and whereas women use it to look beautiful, attractive and sexually appealing! It is quickly rising in popularity and it is done discreetly. 
Susuk Explanation By Master Sribala

Ball Bearings

Our ball bearings are hygienically prepared and are brought to Master Sribala to be energised. The formula to energise involves rituals, chanting and requires a lot of divine healing energy pumped into the bearings. The bearings, which are energised, are then given to the MALE Clients to be consumed. They are all consumed one by one. Only Men are allowed to consume as the energy produced by the bearings are too powerful and are only compatible for Men only.

Energised Ball Bearings By Master Sribala

Prosperity Lock /Vasthu

Vaasthu as a science can affect the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual level of an individual. If at the physical level, it relates to the changing in the placement of objects, it can help you achieve mental stability and progress emotionally. And once the emotional balance is created, one can evolve spiritually to the higher self. Experts highlighting the importance of it, which can help you progress but it, can't change your destiny, unless you work hard to achieve it. 

Prosperity Lock Explanation By Master Sribala in Tamil

Prosperity Locking Ritual Preformed By Master Sribala 

Energised Beauty Soap

There are many varieties of beauty soaps available in the markets and on shelves. Most of them work effectively and has helped consumers in maintaining their cleanliness and beauty. But in Zakti Consultancy, Master adds additional element to his beauty soap to invigorate the glow and beauty of our face and also increases the aura energy emission.

Energised Soap Explanation By Master Sribala

Healing and Divine Energy

ALL of us are covered with VARIOUS TYPES OF AURA. AURA comes in different types of colours with its own unique frequency, which can affect the person's feelings, behaviour, health, fortune and spiritually. This has been categorized into Negative and Positive Energies.

Negative Energy 
Negative energy is linked to the immune system. The person will be exposed to physical, emotional traumas, misfortunes, and misunderstandings and also be spiritually affected. If the negative energies were left untreated, you would find yourself feeling stressed, tired and less attractive.

Positive Energy
People, who think positive about themselves and their surroundings, will be more attractive and can transform themselves to be more loving, enthusiastic and radiating. The positive energy around them will attract fortune and success constantly. 

 Media Documentary About Flower Bath

Strong Aura Energy After Flower Bath

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial By Mr Selvarajan

Testimonial By Ms Sandhya

Testimonial By Mr Tay


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