Spiritual Items For Protection

Yantra Kavacha Pendent

Dear Friends
We are selling Yantra Kavacha Pendent at $8 each. Free Postage in Singapore!
Each pendant are blessed and beautifully handcrafted for victory over enemies, success, protection, wisdom and power.
We have the following Yantra Pendents.
- Shiva Pravathi Kavacha Yantra
- Hanuman Kavacha Yantra
- Sarasvathi Devi Kavacha Yantra
- Shani Bhagavan Kavacha Yantra
- Shiridi Sai Baba Kavacha Yantra
To place an order pls call 66508229 or Whatsapp 81902244.
Self Collection : Blk 28 Hoy fatt Road #01-32 Singapore 151028

Special Attraction Oil

Dear Friends
Proven instant results! Highly energised attraction oil that will sink you deep into the power of attraction and love.
You will be empowered with amazing charming aura that attracts people to you like bees.
Be dazzled to regain your lost confident and control in life!
Don't miss it! Worth for the value!
For Immediate self-collection available at Blk 28 hoy fatt road #01-32 Singapore 151028
Call 6650 8229 or Whatsapp 81902244 to place your orders.

Besi Kuning

Dear Friends
Besi Kuning is one of the oldest and traditional amulet from Indonesia. The art of doing this amulet is so sacred and it is slowly vanishing in the modern world.
The Besi Kuning is one of the most powerful protection and defense from all sorts of danger. The power is so extreme that can even prevent a person to get injured in deadly accidents.
Another good aspect of this amulet, it is very effective to accumulate wealth, helps a person's business to prosper and receieves blessing of good fortune.
We have limited Besi Kuning available at Zakti Consultancy. To place your orders please call 66508229 or Whatsapp 81902244.
Self collection at Zakti Consultancy Blk 28 Hoy Fatt Road Singapore 151028.

Haikal Kijang

Dear Friends

We are offering highly energized Haikal Kijang for protection against negative energies and all sorts of misfortunes.

It is usually carried in a pocket or wallet and it is believed to bring great blessings and benefits. Such as;

☆Protection against all the powers of evil, as well as the evil intentions of others.

☆Carrying this will cause you to be respected and honored by your friends and colleagues. Moreover it prevents others to put you down in life or make you to become of little importance.

☆For those who are running business,will help to quickly bring a good income flow.

We have limited Original Haikal Kijang available at Zakti Consultancy. To place your orders please call 66508229 or Whatsapp 81902244.

Self collection at Zakti Consultancy Blk 28 Hoy Fatt Road Singapore 151028.

Datok Keris

Dear Friends

we are selling highly energised Datok Keris for protection against enemies, fortune and to be respected by peers and others.

This is so small and handy, that you can carry in your pocket wherever you go. The Keris is blessed by the Divine energy of Datok and provides protection in all corners.

It can also be used for safety, to increase personal charm, to be in charged/control and bring fortune.

Each keris has undergone intensive ritual for energising by Master Sribala Nair.

To order please call 6650-8229 or Whatsapp 81902244

Paku Emas

Dear Friends
Paku Emas helps to protect your home, shop and business from negative energies and evil eye/jealousy. The energy in the gold nail will circulate within the space and rejects all sorts of negative effects that comes towards.
It is very easy to use and can be nailed or placed above the door enterance or backdoor enterance. The nail has the powers to protect you from people with bad intention, prevent evil spirit attack, attracs more customers to your business and opens fortune too
The nail is very powerful and it has been further enhance and energise to maximum protection.
To order please call 66508229 or whatsapp 81902244

Children Protection Amulet
Dear Friends

It is very common of parents nowadays to seek spiritual protection for their children against negative energy and evil eyes.

As young as a few days old, are wearing amulet for protection, good health, good luck and prevent evil eyes. In Zakti, Master Sribala Nair prepares one of the most effective and powerful amulet to protect children from all misfortune and attacks. 

They can be tied around their waist or wear around their neck. The power from the amulet will create a ring of protection around them and keep them blessed at all times.

Each are sold at $50.00 and can be readily available from Zakti Consultancy at Blk 28 Hoy Fatt Rd Singapore 151028.

To order please call 66508229 or Whatsapp 81902244

Charming Attraction Oil

Dear Friends

This will be one of the most alluring and charming attraction oil for both sex. The aroma and power of the attraction oil is so captivating that attracts people to be around you always. 

It also helps to charm the opposite sex towards you and improves current relationship too. 

Best of all It keeps you all day confident and motivated to move towards your intention.

This is an exclusive piece by Master Sribala Nair. Hurry to grab one now!

For rates pls call +65 66508229 or Whatsapp +65 8190224


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