Mandi Bunga(Flower Bath) Specialist

Are you suffering from Bad luck? Are you unable to attract good fortune and luck? Are you depressed and confused by your bad state? Well, there is a way to clear all these problems.
Various Types of Flower Bath

Do you know “Mandi Bunga” can help “buang suay” (clear bad luck) of a person spiritually and effectively? 

Generations after generation, Asians believe that bathing flower bath with divine energy can dispel evil and bad luck. The flowers and herbs are blended with plain water and then bathe with as part of spiritual cleansing to clear negative energies. 

Over the years different variants of Mandi Bunga have emerged transcending cultures. There is a practice of having a bath fusing both flowers and herbal leaves together. For an example, different colour flowers are used because in Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that each colour carries a specific energy or vibration. Healing using colours is 'supplementary' to other types of healing.

Like wise , Master Sribala knows the effectiveness of a flower bath very well of and the various type of herbs could be used to promote positive energies to protect the person from negative energies and increase good luck in them. Thus his Flower Bath till today has proven to work very well and has brought a lot of success in many people’s lives.

For instance the testimonials from Clients, below reveals how Mandi Bunga has changed their lives;

“I have been always in a lot of problems with relationships. I was never settled down nor did the relationship last long. I was very depressed, especially when age was catching up. So finally through a friend recommendation I went to seek consultation with Master Sribala. After going through an intensive counselling and a few flower bath sessions, I have seen extreme changes around me and I regained back my confidence in engaging relationship. After 4 months, seeing Master Sribala, I am now engaged with an Engineer and we are looking forward to get married in October this year. Thank you very much Master Sribala.”
Lalitha, 32 years, Farrer Road

“I met Master Sribala. It was like I found the supernal crown, the point of transition from devastation to potential life and actuality. Like the pen touching the paper and the first jot starting the recovery process. This time the break through came. I started speaking freely to the tetragramaton after the first meeting in a counselling session. There wasn’t any conflict of my personal religion with the soul cleansing therapy. Even in my first therapy, I was feeling the healing effects. I discovered and recovered the wisdom daily, thereby also touching the supernal encapsulated within me, the encoded archetypes of my very innate existence. The door of Love, compassion, holiness, humility, wisdom, understanding, greatness, and the aspect of the Creator unfold and it differentiates the inner strength and the outer world. There is beauty in these exploration and journey of the flower bath as an alternative therapy by Zakti Consultancy healing rituals of Soul Cleansing.”
Ben, 45 years, Jakarta, Indonesia

These are just some examples but Zakti has hundreds of such successful testimonials from Clients who seen positive results after taking flower bath. The flower bath not only spiritually healed but has helped to:
  • increase good luck, fortune and prosperity
  • improves relationships
  • immediate recognition at work
  • healed emotional wounds
  • clears away negative energies
  • increases peaceful sleep
  • provides protection against negative energies
  • heals and breaks spells , curses and black magic works
  • increases harmony and peace
  • builds confidence
  • and many more

Whatever it is, there is no harm in trying and anyone can take this flower bath with no restrictions. Most importantly with true belief and faith, the mystical divine energy from the Mandi Bunga could be immediately experienced and feel the changes taking place too.

Why wait, have yours now !

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