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Zakti Flower Bath Session

What is a Flower Bath?
Flower bath (Mandi Bunga) is famously known by the Asians. In India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, people practices them as a ritual for beauty, good future, dispel bad luck and to cleanse the soul, mind and body. In Singapore, Zakti Consultancy provides the most comprehensive range of Mandi Bunga, which is done very professionally and ethically for each customer.Zakti Flower Bath

Typically when one is feeling unwell, being spiritually affected, facing adversity or misfortunes, or even when one is need for better luck, flower bath is one of the options to restore their good prosperity.

When it comes to Zakti Flower Bath, various types of flowers, leaves and herbs are used. The ingredients and the healing energy ignited by Master Sribala to the bath are believed to have the ability to chase away evil and to banish bad fortunes. Most amazing of all, the flower bath has the capacity to enhance a person’s beauty, aura and provides an overall protection a…