Zakti's Cleansing and Healing Sessions

Divine Enriched Cleansing and Healing Sessions
1. Special Flower Cleansing Packages
  • 3 Day Flower Bath
  • Special Bath
  • Milk Bath
  • Fortune Bath
  • 7 Day Flower Bath
  • 7 Types of Flower Bath
  • Protection Bath
  • Spell Work Bath   

2. Types Of Healing And Cleansing Sessions
  • Soul Cleansing Session
  • Ritual Healing/ Removal of spell
  • Spell Work &  Healing Session
  • Susuk  Implant(Charm Implant)
  • Vashiyam Ritual
  • House Cleansing
  • Office/Space Cleansing
  • Vasthu Lock
  • Special Vehicle Cleansing
  • Attraction Oil and Special Healing Oils
  • Cleansing and Energising of Lucky Stones

3. Types of Healing Products
  • Amulets /Yantras (For Protection and Good Luck)
  • Amulets /Yantras (Home and Office protection & Prosperity)
  • Attraction Oil (For Business, Personal Usage or Interviews)
  • Holy Water (Theertham Water for self and space cleansing)
  • Lucky Stones ( Will be matched according to your birth star)
  • Home Cleansing Incense Powder (Use for removing negative energy in the house or in a office space)
And many more to know more of other Zakti's Cleansing and Healing Session, Please Call (+65) 6650-8229 now!

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