Zakti Consultancy

Zakti was founded by Master Sribala and on 11th November 2009, it was officially registered by ACRA and was renamed as Zakti Consultancy.

Zakti has seen and consulted more than thousands of people. And this figure is still growing more rapidly than ever. This is all due to the kind and strong support of the people and those who have been well-benefited from us.

Zakti Consultancy does not just end its service with the consultation session. It believes in building strong relationship with the Clients. We ensure our people are getting the proper guidance and benefits from Zakti Consultancy. We never left our people in difficulty, despair or in disappointment; our main intention is to heal and improve the lives of the people as much as possible. 

Now Zakti provides various healing and cleansing sessions. On top of all these, we have invented and developed various products; that provides protection, good health, wealth and luck. People who have tried the products are coming back again to re-joy the benefits and gains from it. 

With an eye for perfectionism and professionalism, Zakti daily ensures the standards and quality meets its peak. With such care and assurances, people are happy and comfortable to use our services and sessions with us. No matter what problems or obstacles, Zakti or Master Sribala will not turn down or disappoint the people who come and seek our assistance. That is the most vital assurance that Zakti Consultancy provides for our people.

Ir-regardless what race or creed you are or from, when you require salvation or help from problems at home, work, personally, spiritually or in business; Zakti Consultancy is there for you!

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