What is Negative Energy and Positive Energy?

You guys, may have come across many occasions of using the term “negative energy” and “positive energy” in the spritiual healing. But wait a second; do you know what Energy is?

Energy is the aura around the people. They could be in different types, colours or shapes and only some people have the capabilities to see them. At this instance, Master Sribala is able to vision the aura of every individual without any help of any devices. So, therefore he is able to identify the type of aura is around us, especially if it is a negative or positive energy.

Master Removing Negative Energy from a Person
Negative Energy – The negative energy is commonly impacted by disturbing events like accidents, surgery or various other physical or emotional traumas can effect, which is linked to the immune system of the aura and that can leave a person vulnerable to physical ailments or to mental, emotional or spiritual attack.

People who are very emotionally or psychically sensitive can have an aura that is sensitive, absorbing energy from people or places around them. They can even pick up negative energy even from places where there have been previous battles, violent occurrences, or even dispute and conflicts such as divorce, etc has ever occurred.
Therefore negative thoughts and feelings that you have about your own self are darkening your aura energy, can also make you less attractive for love and relationships.

Positive Energy - People whose aura is whole and intact have a radiant quality about them. Their eyes shine and sparkle, they exude vitality and have vibrant health. All of these things reflect the quality of their energy, which reflects the quality, frequency and vibration of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs about themselves and their world.

Ritual to heal a person with positive energy
The Positive Energy is powerfully attractive, and they will attract the same level of experiences to them as the energy they are radiating and emitting.Again, a person who is positive, loving, and enthusiastic will shine a bright energy all around them that attracts love, joy and success to them in all areas of their life. This is a person for whom luck "shines" because they shine, and they attract experiences that are on a high and vibrant frequency.

That is the main reason, why Master Sribala focuses and concentrates the Cleansing and Healing Session with the people whom he consults with. The sessions helps to clear and cleanse away the negative energy from the person and they are re-charged with positive energy, which help them to be more vibrant, confident and attracting more Positive Luck to themselves.

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