“For the past few years, I have been suffering from an unexplained stomach pain. Doctors too could not diagnose the problem well and I expected the pain is due to some medical reasons. But now after visiting Sribala, my stomach pain is gone and could sleep better too…..” - Manoharan , 42 years , Jalan Bukit Merah

“Whenever the night falls, my mother and brother would experience phenomenal body itch throughout the whole night. Thank you to Sribala, after the house cleansing now, we no longer experience the body itch and we can feel the glow in the house again.” - Latha , 35 years, Bukit Panjang

“I know my son has low IQ and is affected by Down- Syndrome. I have seen the best doctors in Singapore; but none of them was able to make my son talk. Out of hope and due to strong recommendation by my closest friend, I brought my son to see Sribala. Just one visit with Sribala only, my son said, “Amma” during the cleansing session. I was very overwhelmed and tears were the answer to my joy. Now I have 100% hope that my son will eventually be normal soon, like any other kids. Thanks to Sribala!! He is really divine!!” - Jasvinder Kaur, 30 years, Yishun

“For more than 3 years, I have been suffering from severe headache. The headache was so bad that even deteriorated my health quite badly. I was even referred to Neurologist to cure my headache but results came out were positive, that even the doctors had nothing much to do with except prescribing loads of painkillers. Finally my friend, insist me to visit Sribala and seek remedy from him for my headache. By God’s grace, after taking Soul Cleansing Session and Special Cleansing Session, from Sribala, my headache just went away instantly. Now I am back to my old self and enjoying every minute without any headache and pain. God Bless Sribala!!” - Hilary David, 26 years, Tampines

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