Gemstones and Purposes

Do you know that Gemstones carries healing and luck properties? History has recorded that precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used for spiritual, emotional and physical healing and in fact it’s a belief that gemstones have special healing powers goes back centuries and is associated especially with the Vedic astrological tradition in India. Is this Interesting?
Highly knowledge Practitioners has learnt ways to utilize the power stored in gemstone to maximize physical, emotional balance and well-being. Many people believe in the healing powers of gemstones and have offer personal accounts of how their lives have been changed for the better by using the right gemstones.

For example, yellow sapphire is thought to attract wealth and bring prosperity to the home. It is said to improve memory and focus, thus enhancing wisdom. Those who find obstruction in the progress of their educational field or those who suffer losses from property matters and it is also recommended to wear yellow sapphire for removal of their difficulties. But be careful; always remember EVERYONE is suitable to wear Yellow Sapphire. If you don’t match with the gem, it can bring adverse effects on you. To overcome such errors, it is important to do an analysis of our lucky against our birth date or horoscope.

There is a reason behind this theory and it’s because in astrology or in most of the metaphysical subjects it indicates that gems affect the human body, giving either negative or positive effects. Astrologically they have the potential to increase the inherent capacity of a particular gem for a particular planet. They are generally worn with jewels but mainly to enhance health, wealth, power and popularity. In the history there are numerous stories about how Kings and queens used to collect the best of gems to protect themselves from evil, omens, ill health, to stay in power and also for increasing longevity. Now this gemstones are easily available and we could wear them generally to keep us protected and to give us more good luck.

The general practice is to wear the gemstone that corresponds to the Numerology/Horoscope. By doing this the person strengthens his or her image, confidence, well-being, self-esteem, and the ability to gain recognition.

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