Vellimalar Article 2 - Negative and Positive Energy

ALL of us are covered with electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic field are in different types of colours with its own unique frequency, which can affect the person's feelings, behaviour, health, fortune and spiritually. Therefore it has been categories into Negative and Positive Energies.
Negative Energy – The negative energy is commonly impacted which is linked to immune system. As the person will be exposed to physical, emotional traumas, misfortunes, misunderstandings and also be spiritually affected. If the negative energies are felt untreated, you would find yourself feeling stressed, tired and less attractive. In this situation, negative energy has to be purified and replaced it with the intention of positive energy; to increase sense of purification, protection and fortune.
Positive Energy - People who beliefs about themselves and their world towards positive thinking, they will be more attractive and can transform themselves to be more loving, enthusiastic and radiating. The positive energy all around them that attracts fortune and success towards them at all times.
Therefore, it is very important for each human to clear and cleanse away the negative energy and re-charged with positive energy, which help them to be more vibrant, confident and attracting more fortune and prosperity towards them.
Awaken Your Inner Soul with Positive Energy towards healthy and prosperity lifestyle.
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