Vellimalar Article 3 - Spiritual House Cleansing

Spiritual House Cleansing in simple terms is cleansing a house with negative energies and replacing it with positive and protective energies, to create an energized and healthier environment. The effect of Negative energies lingering in your home creates arguments, emotional upset, domestic violence, stress, sleepless nights and heavy negative vibrations which turn into unpleasant atmosphere.

Some of the common symptoms, that denotes if your house is affected by negative energies;
  • Hearing weird sounds. (Doors closing or opening, walking, speaking, whispering, etc.)
  • Unexplained occurrence of illness. (Sickly feeling )
  • Feeling a heavy presence. ( Lifeless, sudden anger)
  • Sudden extreme pressure when in sleep. ( Heaviness pressure towards Chest and Body)
  • Waking up suddenly with shortness of breath and in fear. (Vibrating)
  • Sleepless nights or being disturb while you are deep a sleep. (trying to caress or calling you by name)
  • Unable to pray or meditate. (Disturbs your concentration)
  • Feeling of being watched. (Dark shadows)
  • Shadows or orbs. (Movements)
  • Sudden disappearance and return of objects. (Falling objects)
  • Fortune and prosperity. (Sudden downfall)
  • Suspecting any spiritual act. (Spell)
Some of the above symptoms can be also applied to office or business space. Especially when you notice a sudden drop in business, customers are not interested or being diverted away from your business, cash goes missing but not due to theft, arguments or disputes among staff and customers and other suspicious negative symptoms.

Therefore it is important for us to be able to pick up the symptoms of negative energies, even though you may or may not be able to rectify the symptoms, it is advisable for all families, irregardless of race to go for a House Cleansing towards fortune & prosperity and well-being live style.

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