Alternative energy from The New Paper & (17/04/2011)

Alternative energy from The New Paper  & 17/04/2011
By Amanda Phua and Foo Jie Ying

SHE believes she was the victim of black magic and experienced a lot of bad luck.

That is why this 34-year-old marketing executive, who wanted to be known only as Anna, has been going for a flower bath cleansing treatment regularly since October.
Known as the mandi bunga, the flower bath promises to remove the negative energy that is believed to cause ailments in a person.

Practitioner B. Srikanthan, 49, who is known to his clients as Master Sribala, 49, specialises in mandi bunga in Singapore. He conducts his business at Zakti Consultancy, Block 28,
Hoy Fatt Road

Zakti Consultancy was officially registered and licensed by Acra, which regulates businesses and public accountants in Singapore, in November 2009.

"My health has improved since my first treatment," said Anna.

"My trips to the hospital has decreased and I can sleep better at night. I don't feel weak any more either."

This flower bath treatment is one of the several alternative methods that people seek in times of illness.

Alternative therapy methods made the news early this week when The New Paper reported on longevitology, which focuses on the adjustment of energy flow in the body.
This treatment is based on the belief that good health is the result of a smooth energy flow in the body.

Similarly, the flower bath involves the channelling of healing energy into the person seeking help, said Mr Srikanthan.

He added that the bath will discharge negative energies and emotions.
The centre's three-day basic soul cleansing session, in which one will have to bathe in the flowers for three days, is the most popular.

Mr Srikanthan will prepare a specific combination of flowers and herbs for the person seeking help, who then has the flower bath at home. The prices of the sessions vary, depending on the combination of flowers and herbs.

He claimed: "The person seeking help will feel lighter, radiant and be healed of body ailments since the cleansing session recharges the whole body system."

Part of the cleansing session involves a procedure where Mr Srikanthan will cut an "energised" lime, into which healing energy has been channelled, above the head of the client.

All sessions are by appointment only as Mr Srikanthan heals only in his free time. Otherwise, he is at work, "in a very good position at a very big organisation."


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