Amulets (Yantra) and its benefits

One of the most common uses of a Amulet (Yantra) is to “ward off evil” or provide protection. In fact it is the simplest way for a person to achieve such protection without the need for complex spell works or rituals.

Throughout the ancient world amulets were worn for protection and good fortune. Practitioners and believers of the nature will attest to the magical properties of amulets. In ancient times amulets were considered objects of  beauty. Such an object would “absorb” the deadly first glance of the “evil eye” away from is wearer rendering the caster of the evil spell mentally and emotionally powerless. 

The wearing of protective amulets triggers and empowers our mind, raising your mental strengths and increasing power through positive thinking.Others who believe in the more extreme power of amulets say they give you the power to control your fate and actions. These items used for amulets were called “correspondences” by the ancient magicians. They believed that by correctly using these "correspondences" through chants and energy, incorporating the appropriate objects,could draw on the power of the Divine.

People across all cultures religions and occult beliefs have worn Amulets or symbols for comfort and protection. People of varying religions and affiliations wear their gods and goddesses as lockets or amulets to protect them from any dangers.

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